Thursday, April 29, 2010

Night market

Well I don't know why put the title night market. It supposed to be a market, with a lot of people in it hehehe... Ink with brush on paper + a postcard size.


My 3D project. 50 x 50 cm in sized, made out of wood. I remember I had to cut the wood into 7 pieces of the shape of number four. Painted them one color each side (black and white), then put it all together into big heavy four wooden block. It was not finished yet, I had to carried the 'four' around melbourne, to create correct compositions. Then I had to take a lot of photos of the 'four'. I was nearly caught by the police, they think I was doing an illegal commercial huahahaha...


Made in dark room ;)


Aha! learn how to combine primary color with secondary color into one layout! Don't you realized the way I used colors. Always bright... Hahaha. I still using the paper cut technique. I missed undergraduate! I wish i could turn back the time and enjoyed more of my Uni...


This is a postcard size of a silk print artwork. A postcard about Melbourne.


AAaaahhh, I found my old work from undergraduate! hahahaha.... my ancient typography assignments. It was all done by hand... no computer what so ever. I remember how we had to photocopy every font over and over and over again to have the right size. Then I traced it onto the color paper, cut it with scalpel and VOILA! The art work. Ho ho ho I was so proud back then. Hehehe... what a memory!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My bike

© 2009 Mawarini
Old vintage sexy bike, I love 'em!


Weather condition in Adelaide.

Torrent River

The River Torrens is situated in the middle of Adelaide. It is the main river in the Torrens Catchment, and all the streams run into it. The river starts in the Mount Lofty region and finishes at the Henley Beach where it empties into the Gulf of St. Vincent. (

Journey in Adelaide

A journey in Adelaide. I should continue doing this...

My first graphic novel

All my tiny books were *SOLD in pulp fiction comics book in Adelaide. They were 10 of them.

Nexus: Silent Dialog

Our lives are often full of many small things and matter that most people often ignore. There are many interesting things hidden in the boredom of everyday routines. These drawings, elaborate the invisible languages through physical gesture. Every movement, every pose of each individual part of body embraces hidden sign, information and meaning. There is an unseen connection, the invisible conversation between people. Human gesture is a dialogue of silent language, delivering message of absent words. The stories put the reader into their own imagination.

Nexus gallery Exhibition


Old drawing for Nina. All drawing in the background are her favorite stuffs, such as: bakmi, all the cakes, she loves jewelries and bags. She is really concern about weight, that's why her favorite icon is whale hehehe... She is so friendly, nice and bubbly personality. I love to draw her, she kinda my lovely character.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Character design

I wanna have my own graphic novel. I'm trying to create characters, but it seem not working - look boring... Daaa! Seem nothing new, pretty much ordinary bland... Hmmmm... the nerdy, bubbly, chubby, grumpy. Hmmm... and then what? Hhh...

Sunday, April 25, 2010


Influence by Lucy McLauchlan. I love her artworks.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Learn from the master

I learn from the master: Fabio & Gabriel (The left drawing is them - mine is the right one). I adore them two - their artworks are great. I still got a lot to learn...

Friday, April 16, 2010


April 2010, waktu ke Flinders Uni.

Friday, April 02, 2010


Dewiii... ini gambar buatmuh! Gambar ini khan udah lama banget, baru kali ini g kelarin. hehehe. Ayo kita gambar2 lagi. Miss ya! Dewi's favorites memories and the gadgets; Ipod, Casio digital camera, tiny cute white phone. She loves watching movies, especially Korean movies, studio ghibli especially TOTORO. Her passion is drawing, and t-shirt fanatic. Her lovely memories was her dog 'blesh' (am I spell it right?)... Dewi is a quirky lady, she's look like an anime character. Hahaha... love you Dew.


Gambar buat Dita, yang ngga sempet aku kirim. Sorry dit!