Monday, October 16, 2006

It was no 'ACCIDENT'

No meeting of any significance is an accident. In fact there are no such things as accident. It was no " accident" that you happened to drop your book just at that moment and it was picked up by someone whese eyes held you in their gaze. It was no accident that you decided 'on the spur of the moment' to go to the party where you met the one who is now woven into the fabric of your being.

Don't we have a choice then, about the people we meet? Not really. We have a choice as to whether we get involved with them or not, but if there is unresolved karmic business between the two of you, it is unlikely that you will be able to walk away. This is soul business, and beyond the abilities of the personality to interfere at this stage. when it is time to meet with that important person, your path will cross, no matter what. How could we possibly resist the power of our internal turning forks and factory installed chakra microchips directing us into situations where interaction with another is a call from the soul?

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